Royal Baby Baptism

royalbabybaptismBaptism / Christening date is set for the royal baby Prince George and it will be on October 23, 2013 at the Chapel Royal, St. James Palace. The Archbishop of Canterbury will do officiating of the baptism.

While the Duchess of Cambridge has developed the world first baby, baptism is organized little by little. How will the ceremony take place?

Since Kate Middleton announced to be waiting for the baby royal broke a veritable craze. Obsession that has reached its climax when, on 22 July at 16.24 now in London, George Alexander Louis came to the world.

Since then each baby’s movement is carefully scrutinized by the tabloids. And now that the little Prince is going to be starring in a new official event, i.e. of his baptism, no mention on the other. Between rumors and official news waiting grows. Yes, because it lacks very little. The royal baby is baptized tomorrow 23 October at 15.00 with a ritual which lasts 45 minutes.

Reassure the public Rumors stating that you’re all set. The baby will receive the sacrament at the Chapel Royal in St James’s Palace, the same church where the funeral of Diana in 1997. And someone believed to be a real tribute to the Princess.

Among the guests of the ceremony-which will be private and that will be celebrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby-do not miss the Queen and her consort, Prince Charles with Camilla and Prince Harry. The godfathers, according to official news, will be six. But sources say that will not be members of the Royal Family. Kate and William would choose among the people to whom they want. These are two friends of him, Fergus Boyd and Hugh van Cutsem, and Emilia d’erlanger, a friend of hers.

And even on the news arrive mise of princeling. Put a copy of the baptismal robe of lace and satin, created for the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria in 1841. At the end of the ceremony the Queen fall with the heirs to the throne: the royal baby, his father William and grandfather Charles.

Kate Middleton has finally made the world her baby, the boy name is George Alexander Louis. It is now time to learn a little more about the baptism of the “royal baby”! The Royal family has already planned the after birth of the Duchess of Cambridge, living an exceptional moment in his life.

The traditional baptism of the royal baby!



The royal baby will be christened the Wednesday, October 23 announced the Kensington Palace. This will be the first official release of the son of Kate and William.

The royal baby will therefore christian officially on 23 October next. It is a press release from Kensington Palace which was announced: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced that the baptism of Prince George will be held on October 23 in the Palais Saint James. It will be christened by l”Archbishop of Canterbury, the most reverend Justin Welby, in the royal chapel”.  It is to this place that had been received, in 1997, the remains of Princess Diana, the eve of his official funeral in Westminster Abbey.

This baptism, eagerly awaited by the Anglican Church, however breaks with the tradition. The royal family had been in the habit of achieving the baptisms of heirs to the royal chapel of Buckingham Palace, as William in 1982, Charles in 1948 or the Queen Elizabeth II in 1926. The protocol will be all of the same respected: George, as a future monarch, will be christened with water of the Jordan, paid in a basin of money sculpted water lilies, a container used for generations by the royal family.

It will wear the robe family, the ceremony could be held in the music room of Buckingham Palace and use water from the Jordan River for its Christianization

The baptisms of the English Royal family are, by tradition, family and intimate events and that of the son of William and Catherine will not be the exception. It is very likely that you carry out in the Music Hall to the Buckingham Palace, that Yes, without music. Although many baptisms real, such as Prince Edward, his son James and Harry have been made in the chapel of St. George de el Castillo de Windsor, of the first-born of the Dukes sure abide to tradition.

The most important moment of the ceremony will be when the Archbishop of Canterbury (Primate of the Church of England and spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion) ask the godparents will be the name of the baby. Repeating the names spill the baptismal water, which as usual, will be brought out of the Jordan River. Use the stack of silver gilded in form of water lily Victoria Adelaide, premiered on February 10, 1841 eldest daughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. The reception will take place in a contiguous room of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901), for example, always chose the White Hall for the christening of her nine children and offered lunch in the Grand dining room. Elizabeth II has celebrated the baptisms in the music room and the lunch in the Grand dining room. The guests will be only family members and parents of the celebrated’s closest friends. This type of events are carried out after noon


Has not been born, he became the most famous child in the world. Immediately after the wedding of Prince William, the eldest son of Princess Diana held on April 29, 2011 year, the Brits eagerly started waiting for news that the Royal family is expected. The long-awaited news came through 18 months-December 3, 2012 year.

Whoever was born to William and Kate, a boy or a girl, the child rises to the throne of Britain and becomes monarch of all Commonwealth States. Amendments made in October last year by the heads of Commonwealth law of succession, the first time he called in rights to the Crown of daughters and sons of British monarchs.

The authors of the documentary decided to at least some extent, satisfy the curiosity of people enthusiastically as the news of the pregnancy by Kate. They first showed viewers, where are the heirs to the throne, tried to predict what stores Kate will buy clothes for his child, told of the rite of baptism within the Royal family and the role of nurses in the life of the Royal children.

“The Royal pool” journalists, biographers and close relatives of the Royal family tried to guess how William and Kate will call her firstborn son, who would become his parents and godparents are Prince William will guard the privacy of her family after the birth of a child.

In 2010, Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement. All were looking forward to the news that the Royal family is expected. Still, the announcement that Kate is pregnant, caught the British by surprise. They had planned to announce the news to the Queen during the traditional Christmas dinner, but due to severe bouts of morning sickness that started Kate had to announce her pregnancy before. Otherwise, the information can escape from the hospital.

Kate was diagnosed with “severe form of early toxicity”, she spent three days in the hospital. First her sister visited of pipa, brother James and Prince William’s uncle Prince Edward. A few days later, Jordan was released from the hospital to relieve those who suffered for it.

A special role within the Royal family is the question of succession. All must be sure that the child born is a legitimate heir to the throne. Before delivery of a potential heir, traditionally attended by the Government. Fortunately for Keith, this is already a thing of the past. But where she wants to give birth to her first child?

Prince William and his brother Prince Harry, were born in the Hospital of St. Mary Lindo in Paddington, Central London. For sure this place would be considered in the first place. Princess Diana’s house completely renovated. Perhaps, there are already preparing to take birth in the mother of the next heir to the throne? “We are very keen to meet the standards of the 21st century, St. Mary’s Hospital Manager Tracy Howson. -Want our House became more comfortable, so that our patients can enjoy all modern technology. In the Chambers of the suite you can create optimal conditions for any patient. We can produce sheets with the monogram of the patient. He can use the services of a chef, his protection. We are ready to fulfill any requests “.

However, it is unknown whether Kate will give birth here. Staff carefully keeps his secret.
The countdown begins to the dukes of Cambridge, which could become potatoes the next July 13. Bets on the sex and the name of the grandson is real happen

he baptized the last June 13 of a ship in Portsmouth at the hands of the Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, he was the last chance to see her in public before they take a unofficial maternity leave. AND is that, according to the British media, the pregnant wife of Prince William of England would come out of accounts the July 13, although Buckingham has not yet confirmed nothing.To the biographer of the monarchy Hugo Vickers, the son of Lady Di is determined to create “a safety net to the style of the Kremlin” surrounding the birth of his eldest son, as he did with their wedding two years ago. This means that the baby will be “seen and not seen,” says the expert, because the public will see little more than to the Duchess by entering the hospital when breaking waters and its output with the newborn.
But this has not halted the speculations and rumours about the great grandson of Queen Elizabeth of England. The bookmakers offer bids on all sorts of questions, since if the future heir will be born by cesarean section to which will be the magazine that will be with the exclusive images. The Paddy Power house payment bids that will be a girl already in march, when Kate had a slip up and gave the D of daughter (daughter) to accept a teddy bear.
Topping the list of names contained Alexandra, said the spokesman for Paddy Power Rory Scott, who suspects that there might be some leakage: “Suddenly, we had a lot of bets and this is not a traditional name especially, apart from that, at the beginning, was not among the 10 first”.

The parents to make the celebration commemorating Duchess Catherine and Prince William have not yet been made public. However, as several media want to have experienced, the couple had already for a very simple ceremony in a small circle.

1/11 The British succession to the throne

of the small son of Prince William and his wife Kate takes his place in the British succession to the throne a three – behind grandfather Prince Charles and behind William.

Also on pageantry, as it does for Windsor’s usual, therefore, to be is to be waived. Traditionally, adorned baptized children in the UK in the music room at Buckingham Palace.

But Kate has seemingly a different scenario in mind. “When the queen hardly lives in Buckingham Palace, Windsor seems to be the preferred option, but with William and Kate you never know,” says “Majesty” -editor-in-chief Ingrid Stewart.

The decision was life Club-Zugang for George fit into the image that the young parents try to get across for some time. Even before the birth of her Son had Kate and William stressed on several occasions, to want to lead a normal family life as possible.

Incidentally, the baptism bear witness to up to seven sponsors. Who is the distinguished circle members, it is still not completely – only this much: the godparents to Prince Harry and Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton is absolutely essential.

Williams Brothers is pleased finally also for his nephew and has “Georgie” promised a hearty party mood. This is also the offer of Harry’s London club, the succession to the throne of the number three in the UK to 18.

A few hours before the birth of the first child of prince William and Kate Middleton, the “Mirror” already addressed on the baptism of the baby. Dress, ceremony, sponsors… Here is the first indiscretions!

While the world eagerly that the royal baby shoot her first cry, the Mirror is already interested in the baptism of the first child of Kate Middleton and prince William. If parents want to give their child a normal education, they will however respect the traditions with regard to his baptism. Thus, as is the custom, the day of the ceremony the baby will be a replica of the dress of baptism of the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria.

The original dress, which was specially designed for the Princess Victoria in 1841, is composed of lace and satin. It was raised from generation to generation until 2004, the year where Queen Elizabeth II commissioned a replica of this family dress in order to preserve the original. The future royal baby will therefore not be baptism dress worn by his father, his grandfather or his uncle Harry, but a copy made by the designer of the Queen, Angela Kelly and seamstresses from Buckingham Palace and designed identical.

Between five and six sponsors

With regard to the ceremony, it is celebrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury and takes place a few months after the birth of the baby. Only family, sponsors and close friends are invited to the private ceremony, which takes place usually in Buckingham Palace, in the music room. The baptism of prince Harry however waived the rule, the ceremony took place at the St George’s Chapel, at Windsor Castle.

Each royal baby has between five and six sponsors. Only prince William has eight. It is rumored that prince Harry and James Middleton, Pippa Middleton could take on this role. Thomas van Straubenzee, an old friend from school of prince William, could also be included on the list, even if the sponsors of the child usually have a historical connection with the Royal family.

Dress, ceremony, sponsors, the royal baby is born already his baptism is on everyone’s lips. According to tradition, it should take place at the six months of the child, but Stéphane Bern understands that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will choose the month of September.

The Daily Mirror has unveiled the first indiscretions of the baptism of the royal child, a boy, while Kate was still in the delivery room. And obviously, the royal family has planned.

If Kate and William want to give their baby a normal education, issue baptism, tradition takes over the top, and it is according to the Anglican religion, that the boy of the Duchess of Cambridge and of prince William will be baptized.

And for this event, the Queen Elizabeth II had already commissioned a replica of the dress worn by Victoria, the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, at his baptism in 1841. The original was used for the last time in 2004 by lady Louise de Windsor, and before by Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, the prince Charles, William or Harry.

But for not damaging it, the Queen did make a copy. Lace, satin, lace, Royal stylist Angela Kelly and seamstresses of Buckingham Palace have been reborn a Royal relic, brought a first time in 2008 by the son of the count and the Countess of Wessex.

The royal baby boy of Kate and William will be next. According to custom, he must be baptized during his year of birth, 2013, when it will be six months. A quick calculation gives the month of January. We will then be in 2014.

It is perhaps this finding which resulted in Stéphane Bern, in Nice-matin, reveal that «the return of the holiday there will be baptism in the living room of the Palace of Buckingham Palace music», either in September.

The royal baptism should be held in camera, with the close entourage of the baby: the family, godparents (between five and six), and friends. Some names are already circulating the prince Harry, James and Pippa Middleton, or even Thomas van Straubenzee, a friend of prince William school.

The event, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury could take place in the music room of Buckingham Palace, there where daddy William himself was baptized. But as his uncle Harry, the royal baby boy might be entitled to the St. George chapel at Windsor Castle. And you what Palace bet you?



Tradition requires, the baby of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William will be baptized in the Anglican religion. And after the site of the Daily Mirror, the royal baby is baptized in a replica of the dress worn by Victoria, the daughter of Queen Victoria at his baptism in 1841. And guess who ordered this OWL dress? Queen Elizabeth II, of course! According to the Daily Mirror, this dress is especially well crafted. It is composed of lace, satin and a perfectly wrought lace. The original dress was used from generation to generation for the Royal children in infancy, including the father of Elisabeth II, King George VI, Charles aka the Prince of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry and in lady Louise Windsor, who was the last royal baby dated to wear this delicate set for his baptism in 2004. For baby by Kate Middleton and the prince William, it’s a nine that will be used, but this will be the perfect replica of the ancestral baptism dress.



An exception has been made. It was in 2008. The son of the count and the Countess of Wessex was the first royal baby to wear a new dress at his baptism. At the time, it is the Queen Dresser, Angela Kelly and her team of seamstresses to Buckingham Palace which were harnessed to this book. Obviously, the baptism of the royal baby will take place in the same year of birth of the baby, when the child will have six months. Traditionally, Royal christenings are private in England and are carried out behind closed doors. For this important ceremony, the baby will be attended only by family, godparents and a few close friends. Is the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is in charge of the ceremony and the latter could take place in the Hall of music at Buckingham Palace, as was the case for the ceremony of baptism of Prince William.

The surname of the royal baby

The latter will have the immense privilege to be called Prince. Queen Elisabeth II has not done things halfway. Child of Kate Middleton is third in the line of succession to the throne. The very royal baby is therefore not obliged to bear the name of family. However, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have the opportunity to give it a. The couple can choose between Cambridge, Mountbatten-Windsor, or Wales.

And you, what do you think of this tradition?

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Traditionally, Royal christenings are private in England and are carried out behind closed doors.